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About This Site

Big Ol' Nuggs was built to replicate the experience of browsing for media content online in the Web 1.0 era - content curated by a webmaster, not by an algorithm. Most of the content on BON was sourced directly from archived snapshots of classic file-sharing websites - Putfile, ZippyVideos, and Google Video, just to name a few - and even includes stuff that was pulled from peer-to-peer networks in the late 90s and early 00s like the original Gnutella and eDonkey protocols. Big thanks to the Internet Archive for making a large portion of this digital archaeology project possible.

The Web 1.0 Experience

BON is designed to support as many legacy browsers as possible, however HTML5 has become the standard and some things are beyond our capability to backport to HTML4. Streaming audio is HTML5 exclusive, but if you are tech-savvy you can pull the download link directly from the audio page's HTML code. Streaming videos are hosted by Vidlii which enables me to embed a classic-style video player directly onto the webpage. I don't know what Vidlii's requirements for browsers are, but for the sake of bandwidth most if not all videos are hosted there and not directly on the site.

BON was built to look absolutely perfect in Google Chrome at a resolution of 1920x1080. But the website has been tested for resolutions as low as 800x600 and in browsers such as Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, MyPal, Opera, and Firefox on operating systems as old as Windows 98SE. Since Neocities does not work on Internet Explorer 6 and earlier, neither does BON.